Water Use Efficiency and Conservation

The efficient use of the Basin’s water is a top priority to each State and Province, with each implementing a mandatory or voluntary water conversation and efficiency program. 

The water conservation and efficiency goals for the States and Provinces include:

  1. Ensuring improvement of the Waters and Water Dependent Natural Resources;
  2. Protecting and Restoring the hydrologic and ecosystem integrity of the Basin;
  3. Retaining the quantity of surface water and groundwater in the Basin;
  4. Ensuring the sustainable use of Waters of the Basin; and,
  5. Promoting the efficiency of use and reducing losses and waste of Water.

Basin-wide objectives include:

  1. Guide programs toward long-term sustainable water use.
  2. Adopt and implement supply and demand management to promote efficient use and conservation of water resources.
  3. Improve monitoring and standardize data reporting among State and Provincial water conservation and efficiency programs.
  4. Develop science, technology and research.
  5. Develop education programs and information sharing for all water users.

Annual Water Conservation and Efficiency Assessments

Each State and Province annually complete an assessment of its water conservation and efficiency program and submits this assessment to the Regional Body.

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