Article 207, Paragraph 1 of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Sustainable Water Resources Agreement requires each State and Province to submit a list to the Regional Body of all Diversions, Consumptive Uses and Withdrawals of Basin water that existed in each of the States one year after Article 207 comes into force. The information submitted establishes a baseline for determining what is a New or Increased Diversion, Consumptive Use or Withdrawal of Basin water.

While Article 207 of the Agreement has not yet come into force, each of the States and the Province of Quebec has submitted their lists in accordance with the Agreement. The information included in this database includes all information submitted by the States and the Province of Quebec. The State of Illinois, pursuant to Article 207 Paragraph 13 of the Agreement, is not required to submit a list.

All information is subject to revision and correction by the submitting States and Province, and only the information contained in the submitting State's and Province's records can be considered current and accurate. The Province of Ontario's information will become available as well after they implement the measures necessary to bring Article 207 into force and submit their baseline information.


Annual Water Use information can be found at the Great Lakes Regional Water Use Database (External Site)


State / Province
Withdrawal ID
Withdrawer Name
Source Watershed
Use Sector
All amounts in megaliters per day (MLD)
Withdrawal Amount: MLD
Withdrawal Basis
Consumed Amount: MLD
Diversion Amount: MLD