On December 13, 2005, the Great Lakes Governors of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and the Premiers of Ontario and Québec signed the Great Lakes—St. Lawrence River Basin Sustainable Water Resources Agreement, and the Governors endorsed the companion Great Lakes—St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact. The agreements detail how the States and Provinces will manage and protect the Basin and provide a framework for the laws that each State and Province have enacted for its protection.

The Governors and Premiers are working aggressively to put these agreements into action. In the United States, each of the eight State legislatures ratified the interstate Compact and Congress provided its consent. On December 8, 2008, the Compact became both State and federal law. Ontario and Québec have enacted the Agreement and completed needed actions.  No federal legislation is required in Canada.

The following legislation has been enacted to implement the Agreement:


Illinois--Signed by Governor Blagojevich on August 17, 2007

Public Act 095-0238

House Bill 0375 (Passed March 29, 2007)
Senate Bill 0050 (Passed April 25, 2007)

Indiana--Signed by Governor Daniels on February 20, 2008

Senate Bill 0045 (Passed January 17, 2008)
House Bill 1060 (Passed January 24, 2008)

Michigan--Signed by Governor Granholm on July 9, 2008

Senate Bill 212 (Passed May 14, 2008)
House Bill 4343 (Passed May 14, 2008)
House Bill 4336

Minnesota--Signed by Governor Pawlenty on February 20, 2007

Minnesota Session Laws 2007--Chapter 2

HF 110 (Passed February 1, 2007)
SF 38 (Passed February 15, 2007)


New York--Signed by Governor Spitzer on March 4, 2008

A7266 (Passed February 11, 2008)
S4324 (Passed February 4, 2008)

Ohio--Signed by Governor Strickland on June 27, 2008

HB 416 (Passed House February 19, 2008; Passed Senate June 10, 2008)

Ontario--Enacted on June 4, 2007; Regulations implemented on January 1, 2015

Bill 198
Regulation 225/14


Pennsylvania--Signed by Governor Rendell on July 4, 2008

HB1705 (Passed House January 28, 2008)
HB1705 (Passed Senate July 3, 2008)


Québec--Enacted on June 11, 2009

Approval--November 30, 2006

Bill 27 --An Act to affirm the collective nature of water resources and provide for increased water resource protection

Bill 27 English

Projet de loi 27 Français

Regulation respecting the framework for authorization of certain projects to transfer water out of the St. Lawrence River Basin



Wisconsin--Signed by Governor Doyle on May 27, 2008

SB 1--Special Session (Passed Senate May 14, 2008)
SB 1--Special Session (Passed House May 14, 2008)


U.S. Congress--Signed by President Bush on October 3, 2008

S.J. Res 45 (Passed by Senate August 1, 2008)
S.J. Res 45 (Passed by House September 23, 2008)
Public Law No: 110-342